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NuTerra Granola Double Chocolate ( 400g ) Fairtrade



Product Description

Dark chocolate Granola

Enjoy NuTerra Granola cereals with a clean conscience! Enjoy our rich dark chocolate, delicately concocted with cocoa paste from the Dominican Republic… all while making an inspiring human contribution.

Made from whole grain oat flakes and quality, sustainable trade ingredients, these cereals are high in fibre and low in sodium. They are also an excellent source of iron, making them a sensible choice for those with active lifestyles. NuTerra Granola cereal with dark chocolate contains sugar cane, cocoa and coconut harvested and produced in conformity with Fairtrade standards. When you purchase our cereals, you will also be contributing to improving the living and working conditions of agricultural communities in developing countries. NuTerra Granola cereal with dark chocolate: a dignified and delicious choice!

28% Fairtrade Ingredients : Cane Sugar, Cocoa, Coconut

fairtrade dark chocolate

Additional Information

Weight 400 g


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